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What Is Reformation of Contract

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Reformation of Contract: An Introduction

When it comes to business contracts, the terms and conditions agreed upon by parties are crucial in protecting the interests and rights of each side. However, what happens when a mistake is made in the drafting or execution of a contract? In cases where the original terms of the contract are unclear or contradicting, one legal solution is the reformation of the contract.

What is reformation of contract?

Reformation of contract refers to the process of modifying or rectifying a contract in order to reflect the intentions of both parties. It is a legal remedy that aims to correct a mistake or error that occurred during the formation of the original agreement, allowing both parties to fulfill their obligations and receive the benefits of the agreement.

In some cases, the need for reformation of contract can arise due to a mutual mistake made by the parties involved, or a mistake made by one party that was not detected by the other. For instance, if the terms of a contract were written in a way that does not accurately reflect the intentions of the parties, or if a clause was omitted, the contract may need to be reformed.

How is reformation of contract carried out?

In order to carry out the reformation of a contract, one or both parties must file a lawsuit in court. During the legal proceedings, evidence will be presented to prove that an error or mistake occurred, and the intended terms of the contract will be determined. Once this is done, the court will order the reformation of the contract to reflect the new terms.

It is important to note that reformation of contract is not always possible, and the success of such a legal action depend on the specific circumstances of the case. It is therefore important to seek legal counsel from experienced attorneys with a proven track record handling such cases.

When should reformation of contract be considered?

Reformation of contract should be considered in situations where it is clear that a mistake or error has been made in the original agreement, and the mistake affects the obligations and benefits of both parties. If the mutual intentions of the parties can be established through evidence, then reformation of the contract may be a viable solution.

In conclusion, reformation of contract is a legal remedy that allows for the modification or rectification of a contract in order to reflect the original intentions of both parties. It is an important option for businesses and individuals who find themselves in a situation where a mistake or error has occurred in their original agreement. If you are in need of legal assistance concerning the reformation of a contract, it is important to seek out attorneys with a strong background in this area of law.


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