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Airbnb Cleaning Contract Template

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Another indispensable element of your holiday home cleaning contract is the service standards document. This is essentially an execution of the different services you expect from your contractor. These services may include: In this document we would like to give you an overview, as well as details of the services we provide and illustrate the differences between our cleanings. As you can see above, during a sales cleanup, we basically wipe the whole place up and down and make sure each area is clean, disinfected and presentable to your next guests. We even cover items during a sale cleaning that are usually only covered during a deep cleaning, such as: blinds, skirting boards, inside the oven, inside kitchen cabinets and drawers, etc. However, this presupposes that the stay was short-lived, that not so long ago the place was first thoroughly cleaned and that cleaning is a “maintenance cleaning”, that is, a good wiping of all areas and surfaces while maintaining some cleanliness. After performing over 10,000 sales cleanings, we have a clear understanding of the average workload and duration of a normal sale cleaning for each property size (number of bedrooms/bathrooms). If the state of a place requires us to take a deeper approach, which means that some items need to be cleaned more thoroughly to make them presentable and “guest-ready,” and so the average cleaning time for that particular place is more than an hour overdue, we need to call it a deep cleaning. If this is really a certain item for which we need to spend more time, for example, the inside of the oven has been left in a complete mess, so we have to clean this item alone for more than 20 minutes, then we can only charge a “deep cleaning fee per item”. These cases will be reported to us immediately by the housekeeper and we will contact you to inform you of the situation before charging any additional fees. KLEENERLY specializes in providing cleaning and income services to Airbnb hosts and vacation rental/short-term rental operators.

One tip from vacation rental experts to increase sales is to create a good first impression (which leads to good reviews). It is therefore important to ensure that your accommodation is ship-shaped before guests arrive. A good way to ensure this crucial step in quality control is to add a standard item appearance to the vacation rental cleaning contract. The appearance of the standard property shows exactly how cleaners should leave the property once they are ready. It contains everything from photos of where the items are placed, details on how cleaners should make the beds, and even how the towels are hanging. When choosing a cleaning company, you need to address the issue of emergency cleaning requests for last-minute bookings. Are they willing to make spontaneous visits and how much notice do they need? The fee structure of the cleaning company must be included in the contract for cleaning the holiday apartments. Most importantly, it indicates whether they charge per visit or per hour. In most cases, they want to visit the property and set a base price before accepting the contract. The fees indicated in the contract reduce the likelihood of subsequent renegotiation attempts. If you aspire to be an environmentally conscious vacation rental company, you may need to adjust the contract.

In particular, you need to deliver the products and store them on site. The key here is to describe which party will take care of the deliveries and how they will be managed. Don`t be shocked if cleaners add a cancellation fee clause in case they arrive on site and don`t have the supplies they need. Contracts work both ways. Our sales cleanings are very close to a deep cleaning. Often, the main difference is the duration of the reservation of the rental by the customer or simply the state of the place. As a general rule, short-term stays require maintenance income, while longer stays accumulate more dust and dirt and therefore require more attention and a longer cleaning time. With this type of cleaning, we give the rental a complete turnover from the inside out. Each room is thoroughly cleaned. We focus on areas such as blinds, window sills, ceiling fans, bathtubs, showers, sinks, baseboards, appliances such as refrigerators and ovens, and also pay more attention to kitchen facades as well as the interior of cabinets and drawers. Side note: Cleaning costs are tax-deductible expenses, so keep track.

Claiming these expenses is a great way to get back the taxes you owe. Detergents and cleaning services are also tax deductible. You can even claim all the fees associated with your cleaning management software. If you want to automate some of your accounting so that nothing is missed, don`t forget Zapier for vacation home managers or the features of other software you may already be using. Since cleaning is a very personalized service, we always ask for feedback. Please send an email or let us know if there are any concerns or positive comments. This feedback is essential to better serve you, resolve issues, and share this feedback with our team members. We also send biweekly or monthly feedback forms for performance and business relationships so that we can learn and improve better and better, as well as maintain a healthy and successful business relationship in the long run. Set the deadline for invoices submitted by the company. Will they ship them weekly or monthly? When it comes to payments, make sure the vacation rental cleaning contract clearly states when you can expect the money to arrive. All cleaning times and times are the responsibility of the customer.



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